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Momentum FAQs

General questions about the fund

Why are Arts Council England and PRS for Music Foundation doing this?

Both organisations are aware that changes to the recording industry mean that talent development in this sector is not being supported to the level it once was. While there is plenty of evidence to suggest that there is no shortage of talent in England, financial barriers exist that prevent artists from progressing. There is a need to invest in the sector to help artists improve musicianship, reach new audiences and establish sustainable careers.

Through piloting the Momentum Music Fund the Arts Council and PRS for Music Foundation intend to test a mechanism to address this issue by offering support to distinctive and high quality artists at critical moments in their development.

Where is the money coming from?

The Momentum Music Fund is supported using public funding from Arts Council England and is managed by PRS for Music Foundation who has also invested in the fund, and in association with Spotify.

Why is Momentum targeted at artists/bands that have already achieved a certain level of success?

This fund is specifically for artists that have already gained traction with their music and want to take it to the next level – both creatively and commercially. The fund was set up to support the development of talented artists that are making music their main source of income, which is why we are targeting it at those artists that are a little further along. There are other sources of funding available for artists that are at an earlier stage in their career (see funding for Individuals and Organisations & Groups).

Why is the fund only for those based in England?

Arts Council England (which is the main funder of this programme) is only able to support activities that will benefit audiences and artists based in England. The money for this fund comes from the National Lottery, which is only able to be spent on things that will benefit the people living in England.


Eligibility questions

I have been funded by PRS for Music Foundation (PRSF) in the last 12 months – why am I less likely to be funded through this scheme?

There is a relatively small amount of money available compared with the demand that we are anticipating for the fund. In order to provide everyone with the best possible chance to access financial support, we will prioritise those that have not already been funded by PRSF.

What kind of music will the fund support?

Momentum Music Fund is targeted at artists and bands writing, producing and performing contemporary popular music including new and emerging genres. This includes indie, electronic, urban, pop, rock and about as many subgenres that you might imagine. If you think that you might not be eligible for this fund, why not take a look at our other funding schemes found here?

Can I apply more than once?

If you are unsuccessful first time round, you can apply once more in that calendar year. If you are unsuccessful, you might want to consider other sources of funding that might be available to you as this fund is very limited.

Other funding available includes PRS for Music Foundation’s funding for Groups and Individuals, as well as Arts Council England’s Grants for the arts.

I’m based in England but I’m from another country – can I still apply?

Yes. As long as you live here and have a registered address here, you’re eligible.

Two of the band members are based in Scotland/Northern Ireland/Wales – can we still apply?

Yes. As long as the band has a registered address in England, and that some of the members live in England, then you are eligible.

I would like funding for an international tour, am I eligible?

The Momentum fund is unable to cover costs relating to international touring. This is because Arts Council England (which is the main funder of this programme) supports activity that will benefit audiences and artists based in England. Therefore all touring activity must take place in the UK, with the majority taking place in England.

I want to work with a producer based in another country, am I eligible?

Yes. Even though the recording session is happening overseas, the final product will still benefit those based in England and the UK. As long as the artist/band is based in England and is only travelling to make the record then you are eligible.

However, given the increased costs you will need to demonstrate the business case and why the skills of the producer you’re travelling to are unique and not available in the UK.

Can I spend the money on creating merchandise?

With the exception of vehicle purchase and international touring, you can apply for pretty much anything as long as you can make the case for it significantly contributing to a development plan. In the case of something like merchandise, ensuring that the spend is a part of an overall plan i.e. to accompany a tour and/or record release then it’s fine to incorporate this into your budget.

I’m a promoter – can I apply on behalf of an artist/band?

Yes. Anyone that is working with an artist/band and wants to help them to develop their career is able to apply for funding on their behalf.

However, you should note that the application should be focused on the artist and must explain how they will benefit from the activity, rather than the person/organisation applying on their behalf.


Application process

Why are my PRS for Music log in details not working?

PRS for Music Foundation is independently constituted from PRS for Music. Please create a new account to begin an application.

How are the decisions made?

Applications are assessed by PRSF staff and by a round table of specialist music advisors from across the music industry. This includes everyone from Radio DJ and music journalists to executives from independent record labels and agents. All genres of music are covered by the expertise in the room and the panels will rotate at each deadline. Decisions are made based on the quality of the music and the strength of the business case represented by the application. Please read our guidance notes for more information.



Will I need to pay the grant back?

No. You will need to complete an evaluation report and inform us of the progress of your funded activity, alongside crediting the scheme for supporting you to do your chosen activity, but that’s it. We want you to succeed without getting into debt!

Am I allowed to make a profit?

For the purposes of the activity you are applying for, you must submit a balanced budget ie no profit or loss. However, this scheme is about advancing artists’ careers and making them sustainable so we would very much hope that if you are successful this will help you to raise your earnings. In fact, the extent to which this happens will form a key part of the evaluation and in making the case for further funding for this scheme.

How does the funding work? How will I be paid?

You will be paid the first 80% of the grant upon the return of your signed offer letter. Once you have completed the funded activity you will need to provide us with an evaluation (form provided). You will then receive the final 20% of your grant. All payments are made by BACS.