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Momentum in the Press


Full Great Escape 2014 Convention Schedule now live
CMU, 17 April 2014 

Lates Momentum Artists announced
British Council, 15 April 2014 

New round of Momentum Fund artists announced
Record of the Day, 15 April 2014 

Momentum Music Fund announces latest grantees
CMU, 15 April 2014 

Beth Jeans Houghton & Ghostpoet among latest Momentum Funded Artists
Music Week, 14 April 2014

M Magazine article on artists funded through April 2014 Momentum programme
M Magazine, 14 April 2014

Deezer and PRS for Music Foundation shortlisted for 35th Arts & Business Awards
Record of the Day, 8 April 2014

PRS For Music Foundation and Momentum Deezer App shortlisted for a Digital Partnership Award at the Arts & Business Awards
Music Week, 7 April 2014

Exclusive Pre-Stream: JAWS – Think Too Much, Feel Too Little
Clash, 6 March 2014

Record of the Day, 27 Feb 2014

JAWS win first Momentum Deezer Award
M Magazine, 27 Feb 2014

First Momentum Deezer Award winner revealed
Music Week, 27 Feb 2014

Latest Momentum Music funded artists announced
M Magazine, 9 Jan 2014

Interview: Soulsavers
M Magazine, 8 Jan 2014

Deezer Award to offer Momentum artists extra funding
M Magazine, 16 Dec 2013

Stealing Sheep, These New Puritans win Momentum funding
M Magazine, 12 Nov 2013

Music News Daily
Q Magazine, 12 Nove 2013

Soulsavers, These New Puritans and Stealing Sheep win funding from Arts Council
Music Week, 12 Nov 2013

Featured artist: Floating Points
M Magazine, 4 Nov 2013

The Five Myths of Music Funding
Music Week, 11 Oct 2013

Q&A: Vanessa Reed, PRS For Music Foundation
The CMU, 24 Sep 2013

Building Momentum
Music Week, 19 Sep 2013

Why British ‘commercial’ music needs public funding to keep Momentum
The Guardian, 17 Sep 2013

The 10 acts set to receive Arts Council funding named
BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, 10 Sep 2013

PRS Momentum for Music Funds £500,000 for new talent! Apply Now!
GRM Daily, 9 Sep 2013

Funding New Music: Momentum Award
Amazing Radio, 4 Sep 2013

Esco Williams among 10 artists to benefit from Momentum Music Fund
The Liverpool Echo, 2 Sep 2013

Momentum Fund
M Magazine, Sep 2013

First Momentum Music Fund grants announced
The CMU, 30 Aug 2013

Momentum Music: Top Ten
Generator, 30 Aug 2013

Dutch Uncles, The Wytches and Kindness are among the first acts to receive backing from PRS For Music’s new Momentum Fund
Q, 30 Aug 2013

Deezer is exclusive digital music partner for PRS for Music’s Momentum Music Fund
Music Ally, The Bulletin, 30 Aug 2013

Deezer supports new PRS-backed Momentum Music Fund for emerging UK acts, 29 Aug 2013

Momentum Music Fund’s first acts announced
M Magazine online, 29 Aug 2013

Record of the Day, 29 Aug 2013

10 acts grab share of £500k Arts Council cash
Music Week, 29 Aug 2013

£500K talent fund open,
M Magazine, 27 June 2013

Momentum funds help emerging acts
Live UK, 27 June 2013

Behind The Music: The Nyco Project’s Bold New Step
Stereoboard, 19 June 2013

Momentum Music Fund – First Round Deadline Imminent, 11 June 2013

Have you applied to the Momentum Music Fund?
Two Moors Festival Blog, 05 June 2013

Can major labels be trusted to develop artists?
The Guardian, 05 June 2013

The Arts Council vs BPI Debate Gathers Momentum
Huffington Post, 05 June 2013

Arts Council Chief: ‘Music Industry Is Failing’
Ultimate Guitar, 30 May 2013

Arts Council chief responds to pop fund critics
The CMU, 30 May 2013

More power to your Elbow: music industry denies failing new artists
The Times, 30 May 2013

Arts Council: Pop music market isn’t failing
Music Week, 29 May 2013

Record industry hits out after Arts Council chief says new fund is required to counter market failure
The CMU, 29 May 2013

Record industry chief denies failing new pop artists
BBC Radio1 Newsbeat, 29 May 2013

BPI’s Geoff Taylor responds to Alan Davey comments
Record of the Day, 29 May 2013

Dates Announced For The Great Escape In Brighton UK 2014
ToneDeaf, 29 May 2013

‘Ill-informed and out of touch’: BPI slams Arts Council’s ‘no risk’ A&R accusation
Music Week, 28 May 2013

Labels accused of not investing in new singers’ careers
BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, 28 May 2013

Alan Davey interviewed about Momentum
BBC Radio 4 TODAY, 28 May 2013 (2hr, 45 mins)

Putting Momentum in music, 27 May 2013

Arts Council Momentum Music Fund
Access All Areas, 25 May 2013

Q&A with Vanessa Reed, Executive Director, PRS for Music Foundation
Record of the Day, 24 May

Momentum Music fund for aspiring Rock Stars
Make Money in Music, 24 May 2013

Prs Momentum Music Fund
Working Musician 101, 24 May 2013

Momentum Music Fund launches
The Unsigned Guide, 24 May 2013

Arts Council and PRS for Music Foundation Launch Momentum Music Fund
Music Jobs UK, 24 May 2013

Half a million opportunities
Music Week, 24 May 2013

Artists, the Momentum Music Fund wants to give you money
Dummy Mag, 23 May 2013

Dan Le Sac at The Great Escape: The music industry is talking, so why aren’t more musicians listening?
The CMU, 22 May 2013

Arts Council England Launches £500,000 Grant For Musicians
Ultimate Guitar, 20 May 2013

Momentum Music Fund for artists and bands now open for application
Wiredgov, 20 May 2013

Musicians: apply for up to £15,000 in funding
Rockfeedback, 20 May 2013

Arts Council England launches £500,000 grant to fund aspiring new musicians
NME, 19 May 2013

Arts Council England to help aspiring musicians with new 500k grant scheme
Artrocker, 19 May 2013

PRS for Music Foundation and Arts Council England launch Momentum Music Fund
PPL website, 17 May 2013

Funding gains Momentum at TGE
Generator, 17 May 2013

PRS for Music Foundation & ACE launch talent fund
M Magazine, 17 May 2013

£500k Momentum Music artist development fund launched
Music Week, 17 May 2013

News section
Q, 17 May 2013

PRS For Music Foundation And Arts Council England Launch New Fund Of £500,000 For Talented Artists
Mobo, 17 May 2013

Record of the Day, 17 May 2013

Arts Council to find new Arctic Monkeys in major funding shift that favours rock stars
The Independent, 17 May 2013

Arts Council to launch new talent fund at The Great Escape today
The CMU, 17 May 2013

Vanessa Reed & Penny King interview
BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, 17 May 2013

PRS for Music Foundation set up fund for new bands
BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat (online), 17 May 2013

Arts Council / PRS (sic) open applications for “Momentum Fund” for “contemporary popular genres”. – 1st closing date 28th June
London Jazz News, 17 May 2013

Arts Council England and PRS for Music Foundation today launch the new £500,000 Momentum Music Fund, supporting the development of talented musicians and bands.
The Artists’ Guild, 17 May 2013