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Support for recordings
Application advice
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How do I access an application form? Can you post an application form to me?
All PRS for Music Foundation applications are completed online unless otherwise stated and must be accessed by clicking on the link found on each scheme’s page. Once you have started a form, you can log back in using this link.

Account details for PRS for Music registrations will not work when trying to start an application with us; you must create an account for PRS for Music Foundation.

What sort of projects can you fund?
Check out our most recent grantee page and our search facility where you can see projects supported by PRS for Music Foundation over the past couple of years. Please refer to the Funding Criteria for a list of what we can and cannot support.

What is your relationship with PRS for Music?
PRS for Music Foundation is constituted as an independent charity and PRS for Music kindly provide our largest source of income and support us with facilities and office resources.

Do I have to be a member of PRS for Music to apply for funding? Am I entitled to funding if I am a PRS for Music member?
You do not have to be a member of PRS for Music in order to make an application for funding. However, you are not eligible if you are a member of another performing rights society; you should be in a position to join PRS at a later stage. Similarly, if you are a member of PRS for Music you are not guaranteed funding; all applications received are assessed according to the same criteria. Account details for PRS for Music registrations will not work when trying to create an account with us; you must create a new account.

Do applicants receive the full amount requested?
PRS for Music Foundation try as far as possible to fund the amount you need to make your project happen pending funds available in any particular round of assessments and as long as our panel of advisors agree that the amount you’re requesting is realistic and suitable In some cases, where support is agreed but a panel feels a lower amount is appropriate, PRS for Music Foundation’s grant will be lower than your requested amount. We therefore advise you to cost accordingly and add realistic income and expenditure figures.

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Application problems

How do I continue working on an online application that I have saved?
Please follow this link to the account homepage.
If you experience any other problems with our application platform, please contact

I can’t find my evaluation when I log back into my account.
Have you completed your full programme of activity for which you applied to PRS for Music Foundation for funding? If so, your evaluation should be online. Contact us to let us know if it’s not.

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I don’t think my project is eligible, but should I apply anyway?
If you’re not eligible, don’t apply – your application will not be considered for funding. Check out our useful links for other sources of support.
Why must I have a track record of playing or writing for over 18 months?

Our support is targeted at high quality songwriters and composers who are striving to make a career from writing and performing music. Therefore, we need evidence that this applies to you and that you have a long term vision for your creative and professional development.
How often can I apply? / Can I apply to two different funding programmes?
Please see our Multiple Applications page for full guidance. Re-submissions of previously declined applications are not permitted.
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Support for recordings

In response to increasing demand from applicants, PRS for Music Foundation will now support recording costs through The Open Fund, Women Make Music, Momentum and some other schemes.

Through The Open Fund and Women Make Music, PRS for Music Foundation will support up to a maximum of £5,000 for recording costs for applicants who meet our eligibility criteria.

Recording costs that we can support:

  • studio recording time
  • producer fees
  • live recordings
  • rehearsal time
  • mastering
  • musician fees
  • accommodation
  • travel
  • equipment hire

Related costs we are unable to support through The Open Fund and Women Make Music:

  • artwork
  • manufacturing costs
  • building a studio
  • equipment purchase
  • recordings made outside of the UK
  • artists based outside of the UK
  • those already funded through our Open Funding programmes in the same calendar year
  • applications made by record labels
  • applications made by venues
  • rosters of multiple artists, such as those signed to the same label or management company

Additional information:
Successful applicants must display the PRS for Music Foundation logo clearly on the release of any recording supported by PRS for Music Foundation. We must see proof of this before we can release the final installment of your grant.

Can I apply for funding to record in a home studio?
If you are applying to record using a home or mobile recording studio, you will be asked to provide examples of previous work created using that equipment.

Can I apply for funding to record with a producer or studio based outside of the UK?
No, the musician(s) and producer(s) and studio must be UK-based for all funding schemes apart from the Momentum Music Fund.

Will PRS for Music Foundation own the recording?
No, PRS for Music Foundation will not own any rights in relation to the recording. However, successful applicants must display the PRS for Music Foundation logo clearly on the release of any recording supported by PRS for Music Foundation.

Can the grant award support additional costs such as travel and accommodation?
Yes, you can apply for support to cover the associated costs of your recording. These include: studio recording time, producer fees, live recordings, rehearsal time, mastering, musician fees, accommodation, travel and equipment hire. All additional costs outlined in our criteria are eligible to be included in the same application.

Can I apply on behalf of an artist I am working with? / Can I apply on behalf of a composer I am commissioning?
No, the artist/composer/band/ensemble/producer-writer (or their management) must apply directly, or the organisation commissioning them/organising the project Labels, studios, engineers and producers are not eligible to apply for The Open Fund on behalf of the music creator. The exceptions to this rule are for our Industry Funds such as Momentum and the International Showcase Fund.

I am a Producer-writer composing my own music, can I apply to record in a professional studio?
Yes, Producer-writers composing their own music can apply to record in a professional studio.

I am Producer-writer composing my own music, can I apply on behalf of an artist I’m working with?
Yes, Producer-writers composing their own music can apply on behalf of one other artist.

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Application advice

What music examples should I give you?
Your music is an essential part of your application at Stage 1. Provide us with two examples of well performed music that show strong musicianship and fresh ideas. You should submit music that best represents your current style. It should also be relevant to what you are applying for.
Make sure your links work up to 12 weeks after they’re uploaded – don’t take them down within the assessment period (see dates listed here). If you’re using a password protected site or private link, ensure that you provide us with the relevant password.
If applying for a festival that has an emerging artist stage, please do not give musical examples from the headline acts – show us the emerging bands that you’ll be showcasing who are representative of the activity you want us to fund.

Who assesses my application?
For The Open Fund and Women Make Music, at Stage 1 your application will be assessed once by the PRS for Music Foundation team and also by an expert in your music genre from our national network of independent expert advisors. At Stage 2, your application will also be assessed by PRS for Music Foundation and by four independent expert advisors. These advisors will then discuss the applications at a panel meeting, after which point recommendations for support are taken to the PRS for Music Foundation Board of Trustees.

I don’t know if this is the right time for this project. Should I apply anyway?
No. Our funding is highly competitive – in The Open Fund approximately 10% of applications are successful. For other schemes, the percentage varies. Please wait until your project is as strong as possible so you can make the best case for our funding, but bear in mind that all Open Fund applications have a 3 month turn-around. Remember that if you’re unsuccessful, you can’t reapply to us for the same project, and you can only apply once per calendar year for The Open Fund.

Why do we need to show scheduled performance / recording dates before we apply to you?
Demand for our funding is very high. We ask for scheduled or confirmed performance dates so that we know that we are supporting a high quality project that will happen. We’re aware that this is often difficult. Some tips:

  • in your application, show us that you have a track record of making similar projects happen
  • tell us if you’ve had a conversation with promoters, bookers or venues (if possible, give us a reference)
  • if you don’t have exact dates, show us the timeframe and venues you have made plans with.
  • If you don’t have this information, consider waiting for a future deadline as this can influence the final decision.

Can I apply for a programme of activity?
We prioritise high quality new music projects and cannot under any circumstances support core organisational costs, salary costs or living costs. In some cases we can support a programme of activity. In this case, show us exactly where PRS for Music Foundation funding will be used, particularly if it will support a mixed programme of already written and new work. Please highlight the performance dates of the new UK music that will be supported by PRS for Music Foundation funding.

Do you fully fund projects?
No. In view of the size of our grants, we usually expect to make a contribution to an overall budget rather than supporting the whole project.
It is good to be able to show other income sources. This can be from other Trusts and Foundations, Arts Councils, concert/gig fees, crowd-sourcing, earned income (e.g. ticket sales, record sales, merchandise) and/or in-kind (resources that are given free of charge that have a monetary value).

Can I apply for administration and office costs?
Yes – you can ask for administration costs of up to 15% of the requested amount. However, we are unable to provide core funding to organisations, salary costs or living costs.

What is the correct music creator fee?
We are unable to advise on appropriate music creator/writer/performer fees but these should reflect the music creator’s experience and the time it has taken to write the new work. We would advise that you contact the Musicians’ Union for advice on this matter. Although one-on-one advice is not available to non-members, they have free resources online as well as information about how to join.

Am I allowed to make a profit?
At Stage 2, we ask that you show us a balanced budget sheet that shows matching income and expenditure. It is expected that your project should at least break even and contribute towards making your activity self-sustaining in the future. Therefore you can ultimately make a profit – but remember to show us a balanced budget at this stage in the process.

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Contacting us

Can I contact you by phone?
Regrettably, we are unable to take enquiries by phone. If you email us, we will respond to your enquiry within 14 working days.

Can I contact you to make sure my application has been received?
No. We receive hundreds of applications at each deadline and it can take some time before they are all processed. You will receive an automated response stating that your application has been received after submission.

When will I know the outcome of my application?
Decision dates are referenced in the relevant funding section on the website. For Stage 1 of The Open Fund, you will usually hear 4 weeks after the deadline and we will contact you by email to inform you of the decision. We will always email you to let you know the outcome of your application.

Do you give feedback if my application is rejected?
We realise that everyone works very hard on their applications, but due to the high amount of submissions received we cannot provide feedback for The Open Fund Stage 1.
We are able to provide feedback to unsuccessful Stage 2 applicants for The Open Fund and for most other funding schemes.

Do you have an appeals process?
No. The Trustees’ decision is final and we do not accept appeals. You are however welcome to apply for a different Open Fund project the following year. You can however apply for other PRS for Music Foundation schemes. See our PRS for Music Foundation applications limits page for more guidance.

Are our criteria and FAQs clear enough? Do you have feedback or more questions? Email us.

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