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First round of Sustaining Creativity Fund support announced

  • 69 creators receive support in Round 1 thanks to our generous donors and Spotify’s COVID-19 relief fund
  • 6 Creators receive additional access grant support
  • UK-wide grantees across all genres, from experimental classical composers to dancehall artists

Becci Scotcher, Senior Grants and Programmes Manager at PRS Foundation said,

“At PRS Foundation our team have always worked hard to enable the most exciting new music creators to thrive. The unprecedented times we are faced with may have transformed our lives and the music industry as we know it, but our mission remains the same; we believe in the power of new music, and we value the diversity of the UK music industry. These grantees reflect the exciting range of talent in the UK, as well as our commitment and agility to respond to what creators need to create and how they create it. If you can, we urge you to donate to our Crowdfunder campaign so we can support more projects, Spotify will match you £ for £. And if you need our help to stay creative right now, we want to hear from ALL of you, women and gender minority creators, creators with access needs, Black, Asian and ethnic minority creators, LGBTQIA+ creators – apply before 11th May!”

We are proud to be a part of the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project, which was created to help support the global music community during this unprecedented crisis. It aims to amplify the efforts of organisations that focus on helping artists and those in the creative community most in need.

Thanks to the Spotify Covid-19 Music Relief Project and your donations, we can continue to offer vital new music support. Every £1 you donate will be matched by Spotify and this presents an opportunity to do what we do best – supporting artists and songwriters to create and develop when they need it most. Donate to help music creators here:

With this support we have launched the Sustaining Creativity Fund:

  • Designed for music creators experiencing hardship from loss of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • This fund helps UK music creators to do what they do best, using a new model to support music making, however that looks
  • We will offer timely grant support of £750 to make a difference and will support outstanding talent in flexible ways
  • The grant can be spent on anything that enables music creators to continue to create exceptional new music
  • This includes using support to adapt and sustain careers by covering lost income, supporting your costs or cash-flow
  • It allows creators to spend time writing, recording, collaborating, innovating and making creative plans
  • Funding will be available to those making music in any genre
  • This is a new type of support which responds to the changing needs of creators. For those experiencing significant impact on their work, income and ability to complete planned musical activities, we want to enable creativity and to help grantees to be in a good position to fulfil creative and career potential, breaking down the huge barriers presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The next is deadline 11th May, find out more and apply: