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We’re taking over The Harbour Hotel, Brighton with PPL and PRS for Music on Friday 13th May for The Great Escape 2022! Join us for Networking, drinks, Career Talks and drop in advice sessions. On Saturday 14th May head to Komedia Brighton for PPL Momentum Accelerator Showcases from Downton Kayoto, Team Picture, NuTribe and English Teacher.  Check out the list below for a full schedule as well as a list of #FundedbyPRSF artists playing at venues across the City AND find out what our PRS Foundation Talent Development Partners at Great Escape 2022 are up to!


Wednesday 11th May

Westley Holdsworth our Open Fund Manager and Grants Coordinator – joins TGE to discuss how we support music-makers at different stages in their careers, and our role in supporting educational organisations and music-makers pursuing further education.


Thursday 12th May

PRS Foundation Talent Development Partners at Great Escape 2022

Scotland’s Networking Reception at The Great Escape
Thursday 12th May: 5:30pm – 7:30pm at The Old Ship Hotel

Scotland at The Great Escape – Showcases
Thursday 12th & Friday 13th May: 12:00pm – 5:00pm at One Church

Belfast City of Music stage
Thursday 12th May – 12:00pm – 4.00pm at Queen’s Hotel
Featuring: Conchúr White, Fräulein, Dea Matrona, Enola Gay

All #FundedbyPRSF artists performing at The Great Escape

12:00pm – Bemz at One Church
12:00pm – Jelani Blackman at Revenge
12:30pm – Ellie Dixon at Zahara
2:00pm – MEMES at One Church
3:00pm – Taahliah at One Church
4:00pm – Kathryn Joseph at One Church
5:15pm – Sarpa Salpa at Chalk
6:30pm – Ajimal at Revenge
7:15pm – MEMES at Green Door Store
8:15pm – English Teacher at Latest Music Bar
8:15pm – Katy J Pearson at Komedia (Basement)
8:15pm – Wesley Joseph at The Old Market
8:30pm – Mysie at Coalition
8:45pm – Douglas Dare at St Mary’s Church
9:15pm – Baby Queen at Amazon New Music Stage
9:15pm – Finn Askew at Patterns Upstairs
9:30pm – George Riley at The Arch
10:15pm – Goat Girl at Amazon New Music Stage
10:15pm – Let’s eat Grandma at The Old Market
10:15pm – The Goa Express at Komedia (Basement)
10:30pm – Hamish Hawk at Brighthelm
11:15pm – Priestgate at Green Door Store
11:15pm – Yard Act at Komedia (Basement)
1:15am – Taahliah at Patterns Upstairs


Friday 13th May

PPL, PRS for Music and PRS Foundation at The Harbour Hotel

Are you making or performing music and want to earn from your work? Or maybe you need support to take your career to the next level? Come and say hi to PPL, PRS for Music and PRS Foundation at the Harbour Hotel – we’re here to make sure you are #OnTrack. Join us on Friday 13 May at the Harbour Hotel for a day of networking, 1-2-1s and educational sessions with PRS for Music and PPL members who have received PRS Foundation support.

10:30am – 6:00pm
Drop in sessions
Drop in all day for 1-2-1 sessions and meet the PRS for Music, PPL and PRS Foundation teams for advice and tips

10:30am – 11:30am
Networking brunch
Come and enjoy some brunch, network and meet members of PPL, PRS for Music and PRS Foundation teams.

12:00pm – 1:00pm
Yard Act In Conversation with Steve Lamacq
Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album “The Overload” in January 2022, PRS Foundation International Showcase Fund and PPL Momentum Music supported Yard Act sit down with BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq to discuss the band’s career to date.

1:45pm – 2:45pm

Staying Local: Building your music career in your hometown 1:45pm – 2:45pm

Featuring PPL Momentum Accelerator grantees Chiedu Oraka (Yorkshire-based music creator) and Abby Meysenburg (Liverpool-based industry professional), this discussion panel looks at how to build a career as a music creator and as music industry professionals in the regions of the UK. Chaired by PRS Foundation’s Senior Grants & Programmes Manager Becci Scotcher.

3:00pm – 5:00pm
Drinks party
Featuring DJ sets from PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner organisations FOCUS Wales, Wide Days, Oh Yeah Music Centre and Music:Leeds/Launchpad

5:00pm – 5:30pm
Exclusive Live Performance from PPL Momentum Music Fund supported Mysie

All #FundedbyPRSF artists performing at The Great Escape

12:00pm – Ni’Sha at Patterns Downstairs
12:15pm – Future Humans at Komedia (Basement)
1:15pm – Peaness at Zahara
1:35pm – Max Pope at Queens Hotel
2:00pm – Cody Frost at TGE Beach Stage
2:00pm – Dead Pony at One Church
2:15pm – Treeboy & Arc at Latest Music Bar
2:30pm – Panic Shack at Brighthelm
2:30pm – Shasimone at Patterns Downstairs
2:35pm – Michael Aldag at Queens Hotel
3:00pm – Alex Amor at One Church
3:30pm – Rose Gray at Casablanca
4:00pm – Hamish Hawk at One Church
5:00pm – Mysie at OnTrack (Harbour Hotel)
6:30pm – Connie Constance at Casablanca
6:40pm – Yama Warashi at St Mary’s Church
7:00pm – Projector at The Tempest Inn
7:15pm – Grove at Coalition
7:15pm – Juice Menace
8:15pm – Eloise at Komedia (Basement)
8:15pm – Wu-Lu at Chalk
8:20pm – Arun Ghosh at St Mary’s Church
8:30pm – The Lounge Society at Casablanca
9:00pm – Baby Queen at Revenge
9:00pm – Me Rex at Prince Albert
9:00pm – Vic Santoro at The Tempest Inn
9:15pm – Panic Shack at Three Wise Cats (Casablanca)
9:15pm – Tamzene at Latest Music Bar
10:15pm – Kathryn Joseph at Fabrica
10:15pm – Let’s Eat Grandma at Amazon New Music Stage
10:15pm – Warmduscher at The Old Market
10:15pm – Yard Act at Chalk
11:15pm – Lucy Gooch at Fabrica
11:20pm – Alfie Templeman at Komedia (Basement)
12:00am – Bru-C at The Arch
12:00am – PVA at The Tempest Inn
12:15am – Nuha Ruby Ra at Komedia (Studio)
1:00am – Working Men’s Club at Chalk
2:15am – Lyzza at Komedia (Studio)

PRS Foundation Talent Development Partners at Great Escape 2022

Launchpad Yorkshire Showcase
Friday 13th May: 12:00pm – 4:00pm at Latest Music Bar
Featuring: Ntantu, Gemini, Aaliyah, Treeboy & Arc, Pleasure Centre


Saturday 14th May

PRS Foundation’s PPL Momentum Accelerator showcase at The Great Escape
Venue: Komedia (Studio)
Date: 14th May 2022
12:30pm – Downtown Kayoto
1:30pm – Team Picture
2:30pm – NuTribe
3:30pm – English Teacher

PRS Foundation Talent Development Partners at Great Escape 2022

UD Music Showcase
Saturday 14th May 12:00pm – 4:00pm at Komedia (Basement)
Featuring: Molly Elizabeth and more

Future Bubblers Stage
Saturday 14th May: 7:00pm – 3:00am at Komedia (Studio)
Featuring: Damos Room, Madi Saskia, HMD, Plumm, Shakira Alleyne, Kiddus, Mark Cake, NeONE The Wonderer and Future Bubblers Soundsystem

All #FundedbyPRSF artists performing at The Great Escape

12:15pm – Dream Nails at Three Wise Cats (Casablanca)
12:30pm – Downtown Kayoto at Komedia (Studio)
1:00pm – Audiobooks at Horatios
1:00pm – Hawxx at Volks
1:15pm – Me Rex at Three Wise Cats (Casablanca)
1:30pm – Broadside Hacks at One Church
1:30pm – Team Picture at Komedia (Studio)
2:30pm – NUTRIBE at Komedia (Studio)
3:00pm – Katy J Pearson at Horatios
3:15pm – Ditz at Three Wise Cats (Casablanca)
3:30pm – English Teacher at Komedia (Studio)
6:15pm – Jessica Winter at The Arch
6:30pm – Cherise at Unitarian Church
7:00pm – Dead Pony at Prince Albert
7:15pm – Sinead O’Brien at Coalition
8:15pm – Collectiva at One Church
8:15pm – Lauran Hibberd at Chalk
8:15pm – Phoebe Green at Coalition
8:45pm – PVA at Revenge
9:00pm – Treeboy & Arc at Green Door Store
9:15pm – Baby Queen at The Arch
9:15pm – Kid Kapichi at Chalk
9:30pm – Laura Groves at TGE Beach Stage
9:30pm – Shakka at Zahara
9:45pm – Crows at Revenge
10:15pm – Elles Bailey at Fabrica
10:15pm – Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn at Amazon New Music Stage
10:30pm – Penelope Isles at TGE Beach Stage
10:30pm – Yakul at Jubilee Square
1:15am – Future Humans at Latest Music Bar

Case Study Audio Active supported artist Arrdee
At The Great Escape in 2017 AudioActive organised a ‘secret pop up’ performance on the BBC Stage in Jubilee Square with Rag & Bone Man alongside upcoming young artists working with AudioActive. One of those artists was a young Arrdee. In 2022 Arrdee, now an international sensation at 19 years old, returns to the festival headlining the TGE x TikTok Spotlight Show at Concorde 2 on Saturday 14th May at 9:30pm.