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PRS Foundation announces its new model of multi-year funding called the Talent Development Network

  • UK-based organisations can apply for up to 3 years of support with grants of up to £25,000 per year
  • New model enables recipients to plan longer term and creates a strengthened, better-connected network of support for music creators and the sector
  • Deadline to apply: 26th February 2024 at 6:00pm, live Q&A webinars available from January 2024


PRS Foundation announces today its new funding model to support music organisations from 2024: the Talent Development Network.

Consolidating PRS Foundation’s Open Fund for Organisations and Talent Development Partner funding initiatives into one holistic, multi-year funding scheme, the Talent Development Network will offer grants of up to £25,000 per year for up to 3 years. Funding will support music creator development programmes, and grantees will be part of a UK-wide network enabling them to share knowledge and make connections.

This new model of multi-year funding from PRS Foundation, supported by PPL, will benefit those organisations who can demonstrate clear, tangible creative, career and professional outcomes, with more support, over a greater period enabling longer term planning and better support for talented music creators across the UK. In order to effectively ensure the impact of the Talent Development Network, the multi-year support breaks down as a 1-year grant that is renewed for years 2 and 3 pending the satisfactory delivery, engagement and reporting on the supported programme and the submission of new plans.

The PRS Foundation continually looks at ways of ensuring its support has the most impact for the music creators and organisations it serves. PRS Foundation is making this change following feedback from the sector, and by removing some of the limitations of existing programmes the Talent Development Network will create a more sustainable way of supporting talent development, addressing the numerous barriers facing music creators and build on PRS Foundation’s proactive approach to supporting organisations in all UK nations and regions. Additionally, by consolidating the budgets of both the Open Fund for Organisations and the Talent Development Partner initiative, PRS Foundation will increase its efficiency as a funder and improve support and the evaluation of the impact of its funding.

By bringing together the best elements of PRS Foundation’s existing network and the open application process, the Talent Development Network will create a strengthened and better-connected web of support for the music sector and enable the grants PRS Foundation awards to have the maximum impact for music creators, no matter where they are based in the country.

Becci Scotcher, Senior Grants & Programmes Manager at PRS Foundation said,

We’re excited to reveal our new approach to supporting the vital work of organisations across the UK. The Talent Development Network will support venues, festivals, promoters, commissioning organisations, studios, orchestras and other talent development-specialist organisations – combining the best elements of two major funding programmes to create a larger network of organisations accessing funding and sharing best practice. With up to three years of programme funding available, we look forward to attracting strong applications through our open call and know that this network approach helps to strengthen the talent development ecosystem, and ensure that music creators access support from those best placed to transform careers.”


Joe Frankland, CEO at PRS Foundation said,

“The organisations we support through PRS Foundation’s funds are specialists in their region, nation, genre and other focus areas. They prove time and time again that they are well placed to unearth and nurture talented music creators while breaking down complex barriers to progression. The benefit to thousands of creators and the whole of the music industry is undeniable. But it’s clear from conversations we’ve been having across the sector that in order to carry out this vital work, organisations will benefit from sustained support as well as a holistic approach that enables them to plan and deliver longer-term, richer programmes. The Talent Development Network will foster stability and collaboration across the UK to increase the impact for music creators.”


Peter Leathem, CEO at PPL said,

PPL’s continued partnership with the PRS Foundation reflects our commitment to working collaboratively to nurture and strengthen the UK’s talent pipeline. In recent years, The Open Fund and Talent Development Partners network have been essential in supporting a multitude of grassroots organisations. We are excited to see these initiatives evolve into a more holistic, long-term programme that will provide greater clarity and stability for talent developers, ensuring they can continue to provide spaces, expertise and encouragement to the next generation of musicians, performers and industry professionals.


Michelle Escoffery, President of PRS Members’ Council and PRS Foundation Trustee, said,

“It cannot be underestimated the impact PRS Foundation has on the music industry through the funds and support it makes available for music creators and importantly, talent development specialist organisations. This new multi-year funding scheme will mean more impact and longevity for recipients, as well as access to a music community network with invaluable expert knowledge and advice from peers across the industry. With support from PRS for Music, PRS Foundation continues to help level-up the music industry, and we are incredibly proud to be part of that journey.”


The guidance to apply for the Talent Development Network is available on from today. Applications can be made through PRS Foundation’s website and can be submitted from 22nd January 2024 until the deadline of 26th February 2024 at 6pm.

To support organisations in understanding and applying for the Talent Development Network a series of Q&A webinars will be running from January 2024, please register your interest:



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