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Beyond Borders – Eligibility and Application Process

Scheme eligibility


  • The scheme is open to all UK or Ireland-based not-for-profit organisations.
  • Collaborations can involve co-commissioning new works or co-promoting music written by UK/Ireland-based music creators during the past five years.
  • Applications must consist of at least three partners, each from a different UK/Ireland region.
  • Larger partnerships, incorporating additional international organisations, are encouraged.
  • There must be a lead partner for each application comprising a festival, venue, promoter or performing group with organisational capacity and infrastructure to deliver the proposed project.
  • If an individual music creator is interested in developing a Beyond Borders project submission, they can contact to discuss support in identifying potential partners or access a list of previous funded organisations here.
  • Music creators cannot be part of the commissioning organisation, but may be part of the performing ensemble selected to be part of the project
  • There must be a minimum of three live performances between the decision date and the end of the following calendar year, reaching audiences in at least three UK/Ireland regions.
  • Recordings and digital activity are eligible for support but cannot form the majority of the funding request. All Beyond Borders projects are expected to have a significant element of live activity.
  • We expect music to be the focus of the commission, but cross-artform collaborations are encouraged.
  • Although Beyond Borders funding is available to support performances in the UK/Ireland, the premiere of the work does not have to be in the UK/Ireland.
  • International musicians may be involved in Beyond Borders projects, however the music must be primarily written by UK or Ireland-based music creators.
  • Organisations currently working on previous Beyond Borders projects are welcome to apply, but we particularly welcome submissions from new collaborative partnerships.
  • Beyond Borders projects should demonstrate significant additionality to any activity supported by core funding or other project funding from Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council of Northern Ireland or Arts Council of Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon.
  • We expect Beyond Borders funding to contribute to rather than support full project costs. Budget projections should include other cash income, in addition to any in-kind-support.
  • Commitment to work in a minimum of 3 regions; expand this definition to include live performances and other e.g. channels.

Selection criteria

The primary aim of the scheme is to support innovative and high quality collaborative co-creations and presentations across borders. At least one project with a music creator from each country will be selected, and selection will also be informed by a desire to fund a broad range of music & project types.

When assessing applications to Beyond Borders, we will consider how proposed projects meet the schemes aims through the following criteria:

  • Innovation and quality within the music, programming and performances, and potential for national/international profile.
  • Strength and depth of collaboration between cross-border organisations and potential for partnership legacy
  • Potential audience reach and impact and the strength of plans for public engagement.

We will also consider the extent to which Beyond Borders funding would support work that would not otherwise happen.

Application Process

All applications will be made online via our website. Evaluation forms will also be completed online.