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Beyond Borders – Eligibility and Application Process

Scheme eligibility

  • An open call to any UK or Ireland-based not-for-profit organisation Applications must consist of at least three partners, each from a different country. Larger partnerships, incorporating international organisations, are encouraged
  • The lead partner in each group can be a festival, venue, promoter or performance group with adequate organisational capacity and infrastructure for staging a performance.
  • Music creators cannot be part of the commissioning organisation, but may be part of the performing ensemble selected to be part of the project
  • There must be a minimum of three guaranteed performances in at least three UK/Ireland regions between the decision date and the end of the following calendar year
  • If the application involves a new commission the writing of the piece must be completed by the end of the current calendar year
  • We expect music to be the focus of the commission, but genuine cross-artform collaborations are encouraged
  • Organisations based overseas can be included in the commissioning partnership, but are not to be considered as one of the required partners for this scheme.
  • Funds are restricted to UK/Republic of Ireland performances only, but the premiere does not have to be in the UK/Republic of Ireland
  • Similarly, international musicians may be involved, but the focus is on new UK and Irish music. Therefore the music must be primarily written by UK or Republic of Ireland-based music creators
  • Organisations currently working on previous Beyond Borders projects are welcome to apply, but we particularly welcome new music creators and partnerships
  • Applications from all musical genres are encouraged.
  • Recordings can be supported but cannot form the majority of the request. All funded projects are expected to have a significant element of live activity

It is expected that many applicants may already be in receipt of support from funding partners.

The budget presented should show that these core funds do not form a substantial part of the Beyond Borders project income. We will encourage additional fundraising.

Selection criteria

We wish to support projects across a wide geographical range and anticipate that funded projects will be contrasting in nature. These factors will inform our selection procedure.

The primary aim of the scheme is to support imaginative and high quality co-commissions and performances across borders, and therefore this, rather than a quota per country will be the focus of selection. Nevertheless at least one project with a music creator from each country will be selected.

The panel will consider the commissioned work in terms of its:

  • strength of partnership
  • artistic quality
  • potential to push musical boundaries
  • potential to have a strong legacy
  • potential to be of national artistic interest
  • the choice of co-commissioning/performance partners
  • plans for audience development and how these sit with the artistic rationale
  • how new partnerships will be developed by commissioning organisations

Application Process

All applications will be made online via our website. Evaluation forms will also be completed online.

Applications may be made in English, Welsh or Gaelic.

The next deadline is in June 2019, applications will open in April 2019.