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Supporting the best UK orchestral music written in the last 25 years

Resonate is a fund and resource which encourages professional orchestras to programme into their repertoire the best pieces of British music from the past 25 years.

Resonate aims to inspire more performances, recordings and broadcasts of outstanding contemporary repertoire, as chosen by UK orchestras, whilst strengthening approaches to programming this music for the benefit of audiences, composers and players in the UK and overseas.

The PRS Foundation will offer financial support with grants of up to 10K to orchestras who commit to exploring contemporary UK repertoire as part of a season/tour and longer term audience development programme.


The challenges associated with securing repeat performances of new orchestral repertoire are a longstanding topic for composers, Orchestra Directors and funding agencies. Single performances of new music do not give audiences the chance to become familiar with important, and ultimately rewarding works which form part of the UK’s internationally acclaimed repertoire. Neither does this situation enable substantial pieces of music to develop and improve as they are performed again by different musicians and for the benefit of different audiences.

Resonate responds to this challenge by offering funding to orchestras who would like to invest in their programming of new British music commissioned by UK orchestras over the past 25 years. To highlight the range of orchestral repertoire that could be considered for this programme, we have worked in partnership with the Association of British Orchestras (ABO) which has  received support from The Foyle Foundation to create a comprehensive database of pieces commissioned by UK orchestras in the last 25 years.

The Resonate database is currently updated on an annual basis, following an open submission process.

Orchestras can apply to perform a work not currently listed on the database, if it can be demonstrated that the work fulfils the criteria of the programme.

Click here to look through the database


We will continually update the Resonate database.  To find out more and for information on submitting works to the database click here



BBC Radio 3 is our broadcast partner for Resonate and will be working with us to broadcast as many of the Resonate pieces as possible whilst also helping to raise awareness of this national programme.

When submitting an application please make sure you indicate how you have included the Resonate piece in the programming plans you are discussing with the BBC.


  1. To stimulate more performances, recordings and broadcasts of outstanding UK repertoire, as chosen by UK orchestras.
  2. To work with the orchestral sector to strengthen approaches to programming contemporary repertoire for the benefit of audiences and players in the UK and overseas
  3. To establish a recognised body of British contemporary works that would not get the exposure it deserves without this scheme

Check the deadlines page for the next deadline.

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