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  • Resonate is open to all full and associate ABO members
  • Priority will be given to organisations that a) don’t already receive PRS Foundation funding through other schemes and b) do not specialise in programming new music c) are interested in programming larger scale works.
  • Pieces commissioned by professional UK orchestras since 1991 are eligible
  • Pieces selected must have been written by British composers, who are members of PRS for Music* or in a position to join
  • Deceased British composers repertoire from the last 25 years are eligible
  • Both published and unpublished pieces are eligible
  • Performances must be part of main season programme, major festival or tour.

*Please note composers who are members of another performing rights society e.g. ASCAP, SACEM are not eligible. However works from British composers currently not living in the UK are eligible

**Anyone who is unsure as to whether the scheme is for them are encouraged to contact PRS Foundation for more advice.


When assessing applications to this fund, we will be considering the quality of the piece proposed and the potential short and long term impact of the applicant’s approach to programming the piece. This will include demonstrating

  • How the chosen piece represents the best music of the last 25 years
  • The prospects of the piece contributing to an established body of contemporary repertoire
  • The potential for the piece and the way it is programmed to resonate with audiences
  • The approach to the programming and promoting of the work within the orchestra’s planned programming season and also beyond the main publicity, recordings, broadcasts and other avenues
  • A strong audience engagement and marketing plan
  • Applications must consider programming of the work within the 2018/2019 season, being programmed by the end of 2019 calendar year at the latest


The works database is a comprehensive resource giving details of all works commissioned by UK orchestras since 1990. As well as providing details of duration, instrumentation and other factual information it provides sound clips, programme notes, details of all performances to date and other supporting information.

An autocomplete basic search allows quick and easy access to the ‘composer’, ‘performer’ or ‘genre’ you are interested in. Filters such as ‘year of composition’, ‘gender of composer’ and ‘duration’ enable advanced searches or results to be refined. The site also allows users to input a precise instrumentation to find works which exactly match the forces available.

For access to the database please click here

We are aiming for this database to be as comprehensive as possible. However, if you have identified a piece of existing repertoire for orchestras which does not feature in the database, please contact us as it may be eligible for inclusion.


Orchestras can apply to any deadline for the Resonate Fund as long as they are not already a recipient of this fund. E.g. if you have been unsuccessful at a previous deadline you are eligible to apply again. (Though we advise seeking guidance from PRSF to check why you were not successful in previous rounds).

This fund is a three year pilot scheme, if you are successfully funded at any point during this time you cannot apply for the fund again within the three year pilot (2016 – 2018).

You can apply for the fund if you are currently a recipient of no more than one other PRS Foundation funding scheme including Beyond Borders and The Open Fund for Organisations.

If you have received funding from Resonate you cannot apply directly to The Open Fund for organisations until 12 months after your funded activity has been completed.

Whilst a recipient of Resonate, you may also be named as lead organisation for The Open Fund for Music Creators or Women Make Music, so long as the project does not link to the Resonate’s activity.

Organisations currently involved in our New Music Biennial in 2017 cannot apply to the Resonate Fund until 2018.

Applications must be made by the orchestra and all grants awarded via this fund will be paid direct to the orchestral organisation


Our ‘Open Funding for Organisations’ scheme is normally used for one-off short term activities such as touring, recording or creation of new works and is available to organisations supporting composers at any stage in their career. Up to £10, 000 is available via this scheme. The Resonate fund is targeted at orchestras wishing to promote outstanding existing work from the last 25 years. It will not support commissions of new work.

Our ‘New Music Biennial’ and ‘Beyond Borders’ programmes are open to organisations of all sizes and genres who are commissioning composers or touring existing repertoire. The Resonate Fund is specifically aimed at orchestral organisations and is focused on promoting outstanding classical repertoire written in the past 25 years.


Applicants can apply for up to £10,000; to cover the costs of hiring parts, rehearsing, performing and recording the proposed piece.


We envisage being able to fund between 10-12 grantees per year, depending on project scope and available funds.


We will consider every application on a case-by-case basis. We are inviting orchestras to propose why they have selected the piece; what makes it an exceptional work worthy of being heard by audiences again and how they will programme it in their tour or season, ensuring engagement with a large audience. Orchestras can apply for funding to help cover the following:

  • Music hire
  • Orchestral rehearsal time
  • Instrument Hire
  • Performer fees
  • Promotion/performance of work
  • Touring costs in the UK
  • A combination of some of the above


  • Orchestras who are already supported via PRS Foundation’s Talent Development Programme
  • Orchestras who are not based in the UK
  • Please note we will give priority to orchestras not specialising in contemporary music but who want to develop their programming with this scheme


  • New commissions
  • Pieces not available on the ABO repertoire database
  • One-off performances
  • Recording only
  • International tours with no UK involvement


We advise you only to make a start on the application when (a) you’re sure you’re eligible for this fund; (b) you have a clear case for why this piece fits with your programme and will resonate with your audiences

To fit with broadcasting and programming schedules, we are running 1 Deadline per year in the autumn for the following annual season. Applications for the second round of Resonate are now open. We aim to communicate back to all applicants with a decision within 4 weeks. All our funding decisions for Resonate are made by an expert group of panellists.

The next deadline is in October 2018, applications open in September 2018.

Please contact / for more info and questions about the application form and process for applying.

Applications are currently closed