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Momentum guidance and FAQs

PPL Momentum Guidance and FAQ’S

What is the PPL Momentum Fund?

Managed by PRS Foundation, the PPL Momentum Music Fund awards grants of £5,000-£15,000 using funds from PRS Foundation, with support from PPL, Arts Council of Wales, Creative Wales, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Invest NI, with additional funding and support from Spotify.

PPL Momentum provides vital financial support which will help talented artists and bands to take their career to another level. Activities eligible for support include recording, writing, touring and marketing.

Are you eligible for PPL Momentum funding?

If you can answer YES to the below questions you may qualify for the PPL Momentum Music Fund and should consider applying.

  • Are you an artist/band based in the UK?
  • Do you write or perform your own music*?
  • Have you been profiled/featured in national press, media and received coverage in UK wide blogs as an artist/band?
  • Have you played shows or been asked to play multiple shows across the UK?
  • Do you have evidence of a strong fan base nationally and regionally?
  • Do you have at least one team member (e.g. a manager, booking agent, record label, publisher, PR/Plugger, and/or lawyer)?

* Eligible applicants will be artists, bands or producers who write their own music or play an active role in the creation of new music.

Who can apply?

Artists/Bands applying for the PPL Momentum Music Fund must be at a crucial tipping point in their careers, showing current progression and growth as an artist with the potential to significantly develop their careers over the next two years.  The activity that PPL Momentum funding would support must take place in the UK.

In exceptional circumstances we will support activity such as recording in international territories. Applicants must make a compelling case as to why this activity cannot happen in the UK and we recommend you speak to a member of the team to check eligibility.


  1. This application is not for artists/bands just starting out, demoing and playing their first gigs. If you are at an earlier stage in your career please click here for other funding options, including The Open Fund.
  2. Those working in contemporary popular music are more likely to be supported than those working in contemporary classical. We recommend The Composers’ Fund for composers at the ‘Next Level’ of their careers
  3. Those working behind the scenes as Songwriters or Producers with writing credits should apply to our Hitmaker fund.

Applications can be made by artists/bands directly or representatives of the artist. Those who can apply on behalf of an artist are;

  • Manager
  • Label
  • Publisher
  • Booking agent
  • PR/Plugger
  • Lawyer
  • Trusted advisor to the artist

When can I apply?

We advise you make a start on the application when you’re sure you’re eligible for this fund and have a clear plan in place for the next stages of your career.

We run quarterly deadlines (see below) and aim to communicate back to all applicants with a decision within 8 weeks of a deadline.

How much can artists and bands apply for?

You can apply for £5,000 – £15,000 to contribute to the development of you as an artist. We recommend you budget realistically to show what you need. Our average Momentum grant is roughly £10,000

What can be funded?

  • Recording – new album, EP, single, producer, engineer, mixer fees, studio hire, session musician fees, etc.
  • Touring (UK only*) – travel, accommodation, musician fees, set/production design, tour management, equipment hire, etc.
  • Marketing and promotions – PR, radio plugger, digital marketing, music videos, merchandise production, etc.

Note: We will prioritise contributing to expenditure which helps you/the artist to develop professionally and creatively. The PRS Foundation will also prioritise project activity that is based in the UK.

*For artists and bands based in Northern Ireland we recognise that live dates in the Republic of Ireland will likely have a good career impact. As such we can support and encourage PPL Momentum-funded dates to in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

What can’t be funded?

  • Van/car purchase
  • International touring
  • Support for a roster of artists – each application must focus on one artist
  • Projects requesting funding that would, is or could be covered by the deal the artist/band has with a label, publisher, management company or other relationships (e.g. touring costs).
  • Capital projects (e.g. building work)
  • Buying equipment
  • Building a studio


Budget and FAQs

A balanced budget:
PRS Foundation and PPL Momentum partners need to see a balanced budget (i.e. a budget submission that shows that a Momentum grant will help your project to be effective and to break even).

For example, your total PPL Momentum project expenditure may be £30,000. If before adding a request amount from PRS Foundation you are projecting project income of £20,000, you would request £10,000 in support from PRS Foundation so that income equals expenditure and your budget balances.


Be realistic:
PPL Momentum advisors work on the frontline of artist development and understand realistic costs and income projections. Please ensure costs given are realistic to your career level and financial situation and that projected income is realistic and achievable. PPL Momentum funded projects can be ambitious as we want our support to significantly impact your career, but you should stick to or near industry standard levels of expenditure.


Use the ‘details’ box:
The PPL Momentum budget template allows you to add extra information in the ‘details’ box. Advisors prefer to see general breakdowns of expenditure areas. Rather than simply stating Marketing and Promotion will come to £10,000 we prefer you to use the ‘details’ box to break this down so we can see likely amounts for marketing and promotion (e.g. PR (£x,xxx); Plugging (£y,yyy); Digital Marketing (£z,zzz)).


For more budget tips watch our ‘How to Apply Video’ by CLICKING HERE

What are the funding application deadlines?

The PPL Momentum Music Fund has 4 deadlines a year. We aim to communicate results back to all applicants with a decision within 8 weeks of a deadline passing. All our funding decisions for PPL Momentum are made by an expert group of panellists.

Check the deadlines page for the next deadline here

All PPL Momentum applications must be submitted by 6pm on the day of the deadline.

Please contact for more info and questions about the application form and process for applying.

What is PPL Momentum Accelerator?

Alongside the PPL Momentum Music Fund, PRS Foundation and various partners launched PPL Momentum Accelerator – a targeted scheme to support the development of outstanding artists and bands who are writing their own music outside London and who face additional barriers in reaching a crucial career tipping point.

In 2021, PPL Momentum Accelerator is only available to those based in Yorkshire or in Liverpool City Region:

In Yorkshire:

PPL Momentum Accelerator  is delivered in partnership with Music:Leeds’ Launchpad, and with support from Arts Council England, PPL and Spotify. Available support includes:

  • At least 4 Yorkshire based artists each year will receive PPL Momentum Accelerator grants of up to £5,000, plus advice and support for the artist and their growing teams to help them reach a crucial tipping point and become more investment-ready in the future. There will be 2 deadlines per year.
  • Ringfenced PPL Momentum Music Fund support to ensure that each year at least 2 Yorkshire based artists will receive funding of up to £15,000.

In the Liverpool City Region:

The PPL Momentum Accelerator Fund is managed by PRS Foundation in partnership with Culture Liverpool, PPL and Spotify, and funded by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Strategic Investment Fund.

Through this partnership, we will support:

  • 2 x PPL Momentum Accelerator artist grantees with support of £5,000 each. Artists or their representatives will apply through an open call run from August until early September, and grantees will be selected by a panel of independent expert advisors, with grants allocated in early October
  • 1 x full PPL Momentum Fund artist grantee with support of up to £15,000. Artists or their representatives will apply to our late August 2021 deadline and will be selected through the standard PPL Momentum Fund process
  • 5 x PPL Momentum Accelerator ‘Future Industry Professional’ grantees will receive £1,000 worth of support which might include a micro-grant, mentoring or other holistic support. Future Industry Professionals will be selected in partnership with the Liverpool City Region Music Board.


Read the PPL Momentum Accelerator Guidance

Support for Artist Managers

Many applications are made by artist managers on behalf of individual artists and bands. Artist managers make a significant contribution in terms of planning, managing and implementing planned Momentum projects.

Since launching in 2013, PRS Foundation has found that in many cases artist managers are contributing financially to ensure a project goes ahead. We expect and plan for this trend to continue, particularly where established managers and large management companies are involved.

In the vast majority of cases, PPL Momentum support has had a significant impact on long-term income generation for the artist and their management team.

Since April 2018, and following advice from the Music Managers Forum (MMF), PRS Foundation recognise that for many artist managers industry trends have presented significant barriers to entry and income uncertainty. As a result, artist managers who are able to justify project management cost allocations may include a fair sum under ‘Artist Manager Project Management Contribution’ within the Expenditure Section of the Momentum Budget.

The ‘Artist Manager Project Management Contribution’ will be considered by independent advisors and Momentum partners on the following basis:

  1. We will prioritise expenditure which directly and significantly impacts on the career development of the artist*,
  2. A maximum of 15% of the total Momentum request amount can be attributed to ‘Artist Manager Project Management Contribution’,
  3. Any contribution made to cover project management costs must be justified within the application and in a separate question in the Budget section of the Momentum application form.
  4. Where it is possible for the artist manager or management company to contribute to the costs of the project we expect the application to include income contribution from management**
  5. Any resulting grant offers are agreements between PRS Foundation and the artist and grant support is paid to the artist. In the event that the artist terminates their working relationship with the artist manager before or during the proposed Momentum project activity timeline, any monies allocated to ‘Artist Manager Project Management Contribution’ shall be reclaimed by PRS Foundation and reallocated fairly at the discretion of PRS Foundation following consultation with both parties,

* Please weigh up the potential long-term impact of your project management contribution against the potential impact on your artist’s development of spending the grant elsewhere

** The artist’s offer amount may be reduced if independent expert advisors recommend that management could or would otherwise be contributing financially to the proposed project.

PRS Foundation also encourages artist managers to state the in-kind value of their support on the project within the ‘in-kind income’ box below the budget.

Click here to apply for the PPL Momentum Music Fund