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The Writer Producer Fund

The Writer Producer Fund

About the fund

The Writer Producer Fund offers an opportunity for songwriters and writer-producers working in popular music genres to further develop their careers and writing/production credits with grants of up to £10,000.

The Writer Producer Fund is delivered by PRS Foundation in association with the BASCA Trust.   The BASCA Trust provides education and grants, and raises public awareness about songwriters and composers.  Find out more about BASCA Trust here.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be:

  1. Songwriters (behind the scenes creators of new music who don’t also perform or produce), or
  2. Writer-producers (those working on production who contribute to the songwriting process and are acknowledged as writers), and
  3. UK based PRS for Music members with a CAE number

Applications can be made by songwriters / producers directly or by their representatives. Those who can apply on their behalf include;

  • Co- writers  (published and unpublished)
  • Managers
  • Music Publisher
  • Lawyer
  • Trusted advisor

In addition, the fund is available to songwriters/producer-writers who may also perform as a way of making money, or to those known as artists who want to forge careers as songwriters. Support will only cover development of careers as songwriters. Any music creators considering themselves as performing artists first and foremost will be signposted to other schemes (see below).

NOTES ON ELIGIBILITY: This application is not for writers and producers just starting out, demoing and developing. We are looking for writers and producers with successes in their writing careers and applicants must have a previous track record.

Applicants must have at least 3 commercially exploited works – this means a work that has been performed live, has received media coverage or radio play, and/or has been released via commercial channels. For those without evidence of commercially exploited works, we will ask you to name at least 5 credited works registered with PRS for Music.

Applicants must submit at least 3 works for consideration and advisors will listen to at least 2 submitted works.

What can be funded?

Activity supported is likely to cover a number of areas, which combined will support your career development. Activity can include;

  • Time to create (Parameters to be discussed in steering group)
  • Recording (Parameters to be discussed in steering group)
  • Production fees
  • Training / Skills courses at places such as Point Blank / SSE
  • Creative / Professional development
  • Mix fees
  • Studio hire
  • Purchase of equipment / software / hardware (covers up to 25% of costs)
  • Tracking
  • Musician fees
  • Marketing and promotional costs related to songs/tracks reaching an audience
  • PR Manager to help build their profiles as songwriters
  • UK writing space rental / Lease
  • Maternity leave and child care
  • International activity that could build your profile and benefit your creative development – Please note if you are wishing to apply for funding to attend a conference please apply for our International Showcase Fund

The next deadline is Friday 14th December at 6pm.


Apply now

If you are an artist or band, the following project-based funding schemes may be more relevant to you:

Momentum – supports artists/bands who make their own music and are at crucial career tipping points with team members in place to set up long-term careers – up to £15k for recording, touring, marketing, etc.

International Showcase Fund – supports artists/bands at international showcase and conference events. Once you are invited to take part in international conference events, you can apply for up to £5k of funding.

– The Open Fund for Music Creators & Women Make Music – up to £5k of funding for projects which result in the creation and performance of outstanding new music. This differs from the Writer/Producer fund which focusses on long-term career development.

NB: Momentum funded artists cannot be supported through the Writer/Producer Fund.

NB: If as a writer/producer you have been invited to attend a one-off international showcase or conference event, we advise you to apply to the International Showcase Fund and not the Writer/Producer Fund.