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Andi Studer: New Music Plus

Commissioned by:

Serpentine Gallery

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Andi Studer, independent London based producer, is the driving force behind Cenatus Music Projects. This not-for-profit organisation was founded by Andi in 2005 and aims to promote new music, to develop artists and enable wider public use of new digital technologies for their creativity. Through Cenatus, Andi Studer has developed work in the fields of live events, sonic arts installations, online media projects and digital communication consultancy. 

Netaudio, the UK’s foremost festival dedicated to the musical sounds of the Internet, is Cenatus’ flagship project. It promotes the creative output of musicians who use digital and network technologies to explore new boundaries in their work, and actively supports the development of new talent. In 2008 Netaudio took over the spacious Shunt Lounge for 4 days. The programme included 8 audio-visual installations and 45 live performances with a total of 81 artists involved. The festival welcomed over 2700 visitors.

Following the success of Netaudio’08, Andi Studer was invited to programme a showcase at Berlin’s Club Transmediale festival. With his partners in London and Berlin, he curated a Netaudio highlights programme including a newly commissioned collaboration between German and British Musicians as well as his interactive music game Netaudio Ping Pong

Andi Studer is a daring promoter of music which surprises with the ‘unexpected’ and which explores new sound aesthetics, new forms of composition and performance. Within his work he is particularly interested in music that makes use of emerging technologies and performance that experiments in audience interaction.

Active collaboration is a core element of Andi’s work. With Netaudio and other Cenatus projects he actively involves people with a range of talents and perspectives. Key decisions are reached collectively allowing all participants to take ownership of projects. Andi is currently developing a wider European partnership with a network of independent Netaudio festivals. Intercultural creative dialogue enabled by new technologies will be a key feature in his future work. 

“To be part of the New Music Plus…Producers Partnership’s network of 8 producers, 8 arts organisations and its in-house producers, the PRS Foundation and the hub offers a great opportunity for me to expand my professional network and to improve my skills as producer. The sheer amount of professional and creative talent amassed in this programme is set to be a huge encouragement on my career path in working with new music.

To be working on a shared creative project with the Serpentine Gallery as host organisation is an unique chance to learn from this very successful cultural institution and the people within it. The coming 12 months are set to be an exciting journey for all involved and, so I hope, the starting point for many further opportunities for collaborations.”

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