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Big Narstie: Momentum

Big Narstie: Momentum



Activity: The Momentum Fund is providing support for marketing, press, publicity, mastering and videos for Big Narstie‘s first proper solo album release and supporting tracks, which is due for release in the first half of 2016.

“It is great that the Momentum Fund chose to support my work as an independent artist. Their help will mean I can push forward and make the album I want to make and then be able to bring it to my fans as a statement of who I am and what I stand for. That is something which is very important to me so thank you Momentum Fund! #BDL! #Base!”


Big Narstie is fast becoming an iconic figure in the current UK music scene.

With his cover of R Kelly’s Bump N Grind receiving over 500,000 views in 24 hours as part of BBC 1Xtra’s MC Month, and features with Noisey, SBTV, Channel 4, Grime Karaoke, his Uncle Pain series on YouTube as well as regular appearances on national radio, Big Narstie has been taking the country by storm in the last six months. A four time UMA Best Grime Act winner and Mobo nominated artist, Big Narstie’s current collaboration with Craig David has been heavily supported both nationally and internationally, which follows up recent single Hello Hi.

2016 sees the BDL (Base Defence League) Mixtape and his own solo album released with collaborations including Section Boys, Heavytrackerz, Izzie Gibbs and a single with Example.

The BDL movement has followers all over the globe from the UK, South Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia and the USA to name a few. One recent outing to Speaker’s Corner, London resulted in 1,000 fans congregating to hear Narstie speak. Good friend Ed Sheeran introduced Justin Bieber to Big Narstie in October 2015 which led to a twitter meltdown with Big Narstie BDL trending worldwide.  Glastonbury, NASS Festival, Bestival, Detonate, Eski Dance, Motion Bristol, Melkweg Amsterdam, Building 6, Outlook Festival, Fresh Island Festival, Godiva Festival, Hijacked Festival, Everywhere Festival are just some of the places Big Narstie performed at in 2015 and 2016 looks set to continue Big Narstie’s heavy touring schedule both in the UK and abroad.


YouTube: bignarstietv / grimereporttv

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