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Jason Singh: New Music Plus

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Jason Singh is an International DJ, Beatboxer, Experimental percussionist, Workshop Facilitator, Composer and Visual Artist performs extensively across Europe, India and Australia. 

As a beatboxer, he has toured India working with various musicians, individuals and media organisations to promote beatboxing as an art form.  Jason has also exhibited his beatboxing skills in Theatre productions, festivals, club nights, radio, television, poetry events and art galleries around the world. In August 2007 he performed at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the BBC Proms and also produced collaborations and performances for the Jodhpur International Folk Festival 2007/8.

Being a keen musical collaborator he has performed alongside musician, composer and DJ, Nitin Sawhney. Jason has worked with Sawhney on a number of music festivals, club nights and also features on his 2005 album, Philtre. 

Jason composes music for theatre, film projects and also facilitates a range of national and international sound, music therapy and music workshops to young people and adults.  These include Beatboxing, Djing and Music Production.   

Since 2006 he has been exploring the visual arts and has just completed an 18 month national tour of a multimedia project, entitled Sign Language. Jason has been artist in residence at the Contact theatre in Manchester and has also exhibited work at the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow.

As well as being involved in various music projects, Jason is also an advocate for Sing Up, the Music Manifesto National Singing Programme, and a member of the band The Safires (

“I am aware of the skills I have developed as an artist and producer, and I also know that I have so much more to learn.  I feel that this programme will give me invaluable insight and a much deeper understanding of how to plan, create and execute new work and ideas across art forms and venues. 

New Music Plus will also offer me the opportunity to learn to project manage my work in line with both my own creative ideas and the objective of partner organisations.

I feel that this opportunity has come at an ideal time in my career as I have been looking for ways to integrate the various strands of my work and market myself as a product.”

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