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Hannah Peel: Momentum

Hannah Peel: Momentum

Hannah Peel first came to recognition in 2010 with her debut release ‘Re-Box’, a four track EP that re-imagines songs by artists such as The Cocteau Twins & New Order played on a music box that she made herself. NME gave it 8/10 and said ‘to pair such intimate melancholy with ambition like this is no small feat’. ‘The Broken Wave’ album followed in 2011 to more critical acclaim including Mojo magazine ”it brims with inventive keys, brass and strings’. It was through these solo records that the singer, songwriter, composer and multi instrumentalist met two influential musicians who became good friends and collaborators – Simon Tong (The Verve, Gorillaz, The Good, The Bad & The Queen) & Erland Cooper (Erland & The Carnival). The result was the trio’s 2012 ‘Orkney: Symphony Of The Magnetic North’ album, a work of sheer beauty which was critically acclaimed in the UK and France where the prestigious newspaper Le Monde heralded it as their number 2 record of the year.

The Magnetic North has been a big influence on Peel and the experience of scoring brass and string arrangements for the ‘Orkney’ album coupled with her own orchestral work at Sadlers Wells and collaborations with electronic legend John Foxx have all shaped her new music. Electronic and orchestral sounds co-produced by Peel and Erland Cooper blend with a vocal talent described by the Independent On Sunday ‘like butter wouldn’t melt but her melodies are strong’ to create the special and unique three track ‘Nailhouse EP’. The songs were written and recorded in Peel’s own studio situated below a busy London street in a room she describes as ‘analogue synth heaven’.

Nailhouse is a word used to describe homes belonging to people in China who refuse to leave to make room for development. The tactics used by these developers to remove the occupiers (who are dubbed as ‘stubborn nails’) are as inventive as they are cruel – they dig moats around their homes, switch off all water and power and even build major motorways around their homes. The track ‘Nailhouse II’ features Chinese girls singing and clapping which Peel recorded on a tape recorder on one of her journeys around European cities and it befits a song inspired by real life stories of strength and determination from the Far East.

The tracks ‘Harbour’ and ‘Baucis’ have also been influenced by stories from faraway places, the book ‘Invisible Cities’ by the Italian author Italo Calvino is another major influence on Peel’s writing.

Hannah will manage, produce, manufacture, promote and release a second EP followed by the Sophomore LP, to drive her creative and commercial development through 2013 and beyond.

High caliber professionals will work on releases to lead into press and radio following the momentum already gained by the Nailhouse EP release.

With a clear marketing plan of 4 succinct objectives: Promote EP2 in the UK/Europe market, increase awareness amongst music fans to lead into LP2, produce 1 bespoke video, showcase performances to promote to a wider audience of independent labels, distributors, radio and press contacts for the opportunity to license own material further.

Hannah Peel told us:

“Right now, this unique fund is truly great for the independent music industry and artists. We have a really clear plan of what we are doing to get my new music out there, which is really exciting. Our team not only just got a positive push but is now even bigger and stronger with the Momentum Music Fund to help”

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