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Quantic and Alice Russell


SXSW 2012

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Producer/musician Quantic and singer/songwriter Alice Russell are two of the UK’s best loved independent artists. Through their respective solo projects and various acclaimed collaborations, which have peppered the last decade, they have become leading lights of the international funk, soul and alternative dance music scene.

April 2012 sees the release of ‘Look Around The Corner’, the first ever full collaborative album from these two musical soulmates. This intoxicating record mixes sweet soul and blues with overtones of folk and gospel, and the swing of Quantic’s world-renowned Combo Bárbaro. Recording at Quantic’s studio in his adopted hometown of Cali, Colombia, the pair revelled in their creative chemistry, revisiting and building on the spirit of their previous collaborative tracks (big hitters include Quantic Soul Orchestra’s “Pushin’On”, and “Sweet Calling” for Russell’s solo project). For legions of hopeful fans around the world, this is the culmination of a will-they-won’t-they storyline, and proof that things come to those who wait. The first single has taken off, with official BBC Radio Playlisting and heavy play on KCRW, among a raft of international radio support across Germany, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia and the USA.

The two all-time biggest selling artists on Tru Thoughts recordings, the label that brought them together, Quantic and Alice Russell have each captured the World’s imagination not just for their natural born talents but for a refreshingly unique and passionate take on their craft. They both played a pivotal role in the UK’s funk and soul resurgence of the early 2000s, and with ever-growing international fanbases and coverage across the World’s music and cultural media they are now well established. Quantic released a critically acclaimed ‘Best Of’ compilation last year, celebrating 11 years and 14 albums on Tru Thoughts, while Russell regularly plays to thousands both at home and abroad, and is recording her fifth longplayer.

Quantic, aka Will Holland, moved to Cali in 2007, and the sessions that became ‘Look Around The Corner’ took place over two visits that Russell made in the intervening four years. A personally and creatively fulfilling endeavour for both artists, the album abounds with melodies and momentum, brimming with big, classic-sounding yet fresh and original songs, and is set to come to glorious life in Spring 2012 with a SXSW showcase followed by a tour of the UK, Europe, US and beyond.

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