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Tara Busch: Women Make Music


Sensoria and Tara Busch are due to present an innovative, inspirational new music performance called Artificial Intelligence: A Science Fiction Symphony



. Tara will design and build her own synthesiser to use during the performance. Tara stated, “This project is an incredible opportunity to challenge myself not only as an artist and performer, but also as a technician. It is my hope that by creating the Science Fiction Symphony, it will encourage other female artists to integrate and embrace technology in their work”. The premiere performance will take place in a Sheffield art gallery during the Sensoria music and film festival in April 2012.



Tara Busch is an American producer/ musician/ remixer and score composer. She is influenced by the rich, complex harmonies of  Brian Wilson, the spellbinding sounds of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop diva, Delia Derbyshire and the innovations and futurist attitude of electronic music pioneer, Bob Moog. Together, with her creative partner, designer & filmaker Maf Lewis, she runs the widely popular music/gear blog,

Tara is known for her richly textured, vocally driven orchestral electronica & her psychedelic, ethereal remixes (Tori Amos, Annie Lennox, Bat For Lashes, iamaiwhoami, Polly Scattergood). In 2009, Tara released her debut album on Tummy Touch records, “Pilfershire Lane”. She & Maf released the album as a uniquely designed, limited edition box set which sold out online in 48 hours. In 2010, Tara recreated a score for live performance for the Academy Award winning short film, “The Red Balloon”. The score was performed at the 2010 Watusi Festival in South Wales and the Tramlines Festival in Sheffield.

In October 2010, Tara was handpicked by Michelle Moog to perform at the groundbreaking MoogFest 2010 festival. March 2011, Tara was comissioned to create and perform a live film score at the at the Bird’s Eye View Film Festival’s “Sound and Silents” event with Imogen Heap. She’s now working on a collaboration with former Ultravox frontman, John Foxx and a new live film score “Science Fiction Pt 1, The Silence” with Maf directing and an EP to benefit.

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