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Stand with Ukraine

Stand with Ukraine

PRS Foundation stands in solidarity with Ukrainian people in their efforts to resist Russia’s military invasion. We send love to our Ukrainian friends, partners and others impacted.

Music is an essential component of cultural diversity in Europe and globally. It has the power to unite and to change society for the better. We are listening to the global music community and want to use our platforms to amplify the Ukrainian music scene which has been thriving in recent years, as well as some helpful music-related responses.

PRS Foundation and other Keychange partners recently acknowledged hypocrisy in not vocally standing in solidarity with those who have and still face war and oppression globally. And we condemned the racism being reported by non-White residents, including Black, Asian and Arab people seeking refuge from war.

Read Keychange’s statement


We must do better and hope this invasion enables us all to feel more empathy with oppressed people around the world. And we hope that the inspiring acts of bravery humanity we’re witnessing extend to those needing to escape regardless of their race, ethnicity and background.

For those unsure how to best support at this time, we encourage you to stay informed and offer support or donations where possible.



Stay Informed

We encourage you to read and shared verified information about the Putin regime’s attack on Ukraine, and what global citizens might do to help, including:

News with latest updates (recommended by Music Export Ukraine):

Ukraine Crisis Media Center

Ukraine Now on Telegram


Official sources (recommended by Music Export Ukraine):

President of Ukraine: Twitter, Facebook 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Twitter, Facebook, Website


Useful information and resource lists:

Global Citizen – 9 meaningful ways you can help Ukraine

Message from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

Trans Europe Halles resource list and suggested actions

Trippin World – How to support marginalised people in Ukraine

UN Women – What does the military offensive in Ukraine mean for women and girls?

Artists at Risk – Emergency resources for artists and cultural workers



We encourage you to donate to organisations offering humanitarian aid in Ukraine and to refugees from Ukraine.

UNICEF: donate now to protect children in Ukraine:

UNHCR: donate now to protect refugee families

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): an independent worldwide organisation which has set up a dedicated fund for Ukraine

Nova Ukraine: A US-registered foundation offering help for ordinary people and families with children. Operating since 2013

Polish Humanitarian Action: A Polish organisation which has been active for a long time in eastern Ukraine.

Donate to Artists at Risk


Other ways people in the UK can help

Donate clothes and supplies: Many donation points for items including clothes and blankets have been set up across the UK. Information is easy to find online and some sites are listed here.


UK Government recently announced details of the Local Sponsorship Scheme for Ukraine and the House a Ukrainian Refugee Scheme which allows members of the public to house Ukrainian refuges with no family ties to the UK.


Write to your local MP: You may want to lobby the UK Government by writing to your local MP. Here is a useful guide.


Make your voice heard: You can also use your own platforms to speak out and to share verified and accurate information and news online. Artists and the creative community are particularly well placed to raise awareness, and where it is safe, you may decide to join the many protests here across the UK. Or sign relevant petitions, including this European cultural networks and organisations petition.


Music and Culture

The Ukrainian music scene has been thriving in recent years and we urge you to listen listen to and read stories about Ukrainian talent (including this recently published article). At this moment, it feels right to share this playlist from our friends and partners at Music Export Ukraine and this Stand With Ukraine playlist which is curated by music export agencies in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.


Useful Links: fundraisers, statements and other resources

BPI – Supporting Ukraine Resources Hub

A Night for Ukraine


CreatorsForUkraine (Zaiks / Soza / OSA and other collection societies)

Keychange statement – Standing with Ukraine

PRS for Music Statement on Russia and Ukraine

On The Move – Solidarity Ukraine Enforced Mobility

IETM: Solidarity with Ukraine – What can you do?

Artists at Risk Connection: ‘I am at Risk’ form

Artistic Freedom Initiative: Apply for assistance