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Power Links

Alongside the participant programme and the change-making movement, we will apply a holistic approach to inclusion through a ‘Power Links’ approach which will:

  • Be central to all PRS Foundation programmes We will ensure we tackle anti-Black racism and racial disparity through all our funding schemes for music creators and organisations
  • Be intersectional We pride ourselves on our inclusive and intersectional approach, ensuring we attract applications and support music creators from all backgrounds and strive to constantly build our understanding of intersectional barriers so that we achieve a strong, representational balance of grantees wherever possible
  • Connect smartly with other programmes – We will ensure Power Up connects strategically with other inclusivity programmes at PRS Foundation (e.g. Keychange and Women Make Music), complements our funding for organisations, impacts our work with multiple partners, and smartly links with other like-minded initiatives

We will enable music creator progression between programmes and link suitable Black creators to our Talent Development Partner network’s pioneering programmes. And through our funding programmes for organisations:

  • We will forge closer partnerships with Black-led organisations including Talent Development Partners and aim to power up Black-led organisations
  • We will increase the number of Black-led organisations supported through our Open Fund for Organisations, and we must support those organisations to become more ready for traditional investment from external sources
  • And alongside organisations we fund, we will address barriers in genres where underrepresentation is most severe

Linking to other initiatives

As an inclusive and collaborative funder, PRS Foundation is always keen to connect with other advocacy campaigns, Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, and the many incredible organisations who have been moving the dial for Black talent, in some cases for decades and with comparatively little support and recognition.

Through Power Up, PRS Foundation aims to spotlight and support other initiatives which tackle anti-Black racism. Close collaboration with the likes of the Black Music Coalition Executive Committee and members of the UK Music Diversity Taskforce has resulted in good joined-up thinking, and a similarly collaborative approach will be applied wherever possible, linking with the likes of Black Lives in Music. This is particularly important when it comes to addressing gaps in research and data, in pushing for more support and action, and in bringing all parts of the music sector together to make big changes.

If you are involved in other initiatives, campaigns and talent development work and you would like to discuss this further, please contact Yaw Owusu.

About the Black Music Coalition

The Black Music Coalition (‘BMC’) is dedicated to eradicating racial injustice and establishing equality for Black executives, artists and their communities within the music industry. See Power Up Movement for more information on the BMC and our Power Up Movement alliance.

About the UK Music Diversity Taskforce

The UK Music Diversity Taskforce was established in 2015 and works with the music business, Government and other stakeholders to boost inclusion and diversity across the industry. It includes representatives from
the core industry sectors: major and indie record labels, music publishers, trade organisations, collection societies and the UK live music industry. The Taskforce publishes a biennial UK Music Diversity Report.

About Black Lives in Music

Black Lives in Music are at the vanguard of the effort to combat racism, uniting organisations and musicians to create a truly inclusive and diverse music industry. Black Lives in Music use data and insights to campaign for equity and they support the empowerment of Black musicians to realise their aspirations.