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Get Involved

We recognise that POWER UP’s long-term aims can only be achieved if more companies, organisations and individuals advocate for change and participate in the programme and wider movement.  key players (whether companies, organisations or individuals) work together to move the needle.

We want to collaborate through the POWER UP Participant Programme and POWER UP Movement, so have outlined at launch phase some of the different ways you can get involved.

As a Participant

Our Participant Programme welcomes applications once per year from Black music creators and industry professionals. Please click here for more details.

As an Individual

We welcome open dialogue with anyone working in and around music who wants to play a more active role. Within our Background page here, you can see that POWER UP has been shaped by many through our Executive Steering Committee and through Focus Groups. We intend to revisit Focus Group-style conversations as the programme evolves, and welcome additional thoughts from passionate individuals. Please email our team to find out more.

You may also be in a position where you want to give back by either donating to ensure POWER UP impacts more people more effectively, or by supporting selected Participants – be it through workshop delivery, joining our pool of mentors, or offering other services which will power up Black talent. Please email us to discuss donations and added value support further.

We also encourage individuals to develop a deeper understanding of the barriers facing Black people in music and in wider society. Our Background page details some of those barriers and we encourage you to follow our socials as we develop and share other platforms which advocate for and champion Black music creators and industry professionals.

As an Organisation or Company

We actively encourage companies and organisations to buy in to POWER UP’s aims. As the POWER UP Movement grows, we expect to collaborate with others to set targets and ask companies, organisations and individuals in the music sector to make themselves accountable. Our Movement aims are outlined here and we will be announcing more detail later in 2021.

We also want to grow our list of Sponsors and Partners, recognising that many are in a position to go beyond solidarity and be a part of a wider movement for change. Our Participant Programme needs support from more companies and organisations in music, and the POWER UP Movement benefits from those working across all sectors, genres and regions getting involved. Many may not be in a position to contribute financially but may bring expertise and a passion for change. We are happy to talk about support of any kind and can involve companies publicly or anonymously in supporting the initiative.

To discuss sponsorship and other types of partner support, email us now.

And if as a company or organisation you feel you want to develop a deeper understanding of the barriers facing Black creators and professionals in music, but you don’t know where to start, we will be able to signpost you to useful resources and others working in this field. Email us for more information while we build resources lists in partnership with others.

Finally, you may be in a position where you want to signpost Black creators you are working with to POWER UP, or want to offer in-kind support services (e.g. free conference tickets, live programming slots, mentoring, placements, other talent development opportunities). Please email us to find out how we might connect.

I’m already supporting Black creators and professionals – how can we link?

There are so many people and organisations who have been carrying out amazing work to move the needle for Black music creators and for Black culture, in some cases for decades and in most cases with limited resources and a lack of sector-wide support.

Through the POWER UP Movement and Power Links we want to see disparities in arts and music funding being addressed more effectively, and we want to work closely with others to work towards achieving similar aims. Additionally, POWER UP will encourage funders and the commercial music industry to better support those working with Black talent from the ground up. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Those specialising in music creator development can apply for support through PRS Foundation’s Open Fund for Organisations. And we will continue to make sure our Talent Development Partner programme evolves, supporting existing pioneering Black-led and Black music creator-focussed programmes, while striving to fill remaining strategic gaps.

If you are involved in initiatives which advocate for, champion and empower Black talent, please get in touch to find out how we might be able to link up.