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Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief

Supporting artists, songwriters and composers to create and develop when they need it most

PRS Foundation is the UK’s leading charitable funder of new music and talent development.

We respond to needs to enable creative and career progression, and we believe that the success of the music we fund is driven by the diversity of the people who create it.

Donate to help music creators

Thanks to the Spotify Covid-19 Music Relief Project and your donations, we can continue to offer vital new music support. Every £1 you donate will be matched by Spotify and this presents an opportunity to do what we do best – Supporting artists and songwriters to create and develop when they need it most.

We are proud to be a part of the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project, which was created to help support the global music community during this unprecedented crisis. It aims to amplify the efforts of organisations that focus on helping artists and those in the creative community most in need. Spotify is making a donation to PRS Foundation and will match donations made here pound for pound up to a collective total of $10 million worldwide.




With your support we will launch a new Fund 

  • Designed for music creators experiencing genuine hardship from loss of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic^
  • We will offer timely grant support of £500-£750 to make a difference
  • Funding will be available to those working in all genres
  • We will support outstanding talent in flexible ways
  • The grant can be spent on anything that enables UK music creators to continue to do what they do best – creating outstanding new music
  • This includes using support to sustain careers by covering immediate costs and loss of income
  • It allows creators to spend time writing, recording, releasing collaborating, innovating and making creative plans where appropriate.

This is a new type of support which responds to the changing needs of creators. Our flexible approach offers financial relief to sustain creativity.

We see this new fund as sitting between the immediate hardship funding available from our friends and partners, and our other open and accessible programmes.

Your support also allows us to pay freelance and self-employed expert industry professionals in need of extra income who will be helping the PRS Foundation team to assess applications.

This timely new fund will be announced soon and will be open, accessible and inclusive.

  • 100% of the money raised enables us to support those who need it most
  • We will support at least 120 music creators in the next 3 months, with at least 2 deadlines
  • The more you can donate, the more vital support we can offer, and we expect and are prepared for high demand




What we do

We invest in the future of new music and support talent development across the UK; enabling music creators of all backgrounds to realise their potential and reach audiences across the world.  Set up by PRS for Music in 2000, the PRS Foundation helps:

Music Creators

  • Direct funding to artists, songwriters, composers, bands, producers and performers who write their own music
  • Available to UK based music creators working in any genre and at any career level
  • 400+ grants per year, ranging from £500 – £15,000 to enable writing, recording, release, touring and showcasing of exciting new music
  • Our proactive, open and accessible approach helps us to reach outstanding talent from all backgrounds


  • Non-profit organisations working on the frontline of talent development to support music creators from all backgrounds – reaching over 5,000 artists, songwriters and composers each year
  • Festivals, venues, promoters, orchestras, large ensembles and others offering vital support to develop talent in the UK and overseas
  • 120+ grants per year

The Music Industry

  • Our funding benefits the wider music sector, generating millions per year for the UK economy and the music industry talent pipeline
  • All funding decisions are made by expert advisors from across the industry
  • We work with, lead and learn from partners to ensure maximum reach and impact
  • We champion positive change and we inspire and influence the next generation





^ Eligible applicants will be:
  • UK based Music Creators (artists, songwriters, composers, producers and performers who write their own music)
  • Experiencing genuine hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes those who have lost income and have lost work as a result of the pandemic, those unable to pay bills, and those experiencing significant cash flow problems
  • Able to provide evidence of  relief funding need
  • Able to submit music examples alongside brief creative plans
UK-based music creators and performers in need of immediate payments for pressing or dire financial crisis should consider that the following funds may be more appropriate:
PRS Emergency Relief Fund / Help Musicians UK Coronavirus Financial Hardship Fund / The MU Coronavirus Hardship Fund . All 4 UK Arts Councils are offering support to organisations and individuals at this time.
Our friends and industry partners have created this central source of support and advice for musicians during the Covid-19 pandemic:
We will only support those with financial relief needs or those exposed to risk. We will prioritise those who are not currently receiving PRS Foundation funding. There are other ways we can support our current grantees. And we do not expect significant delays to other PRS Foundation deadlines or grant-making processes so encourage others to apply to other programmes. Our team is currently discussing re-purposing and bringing forward our Open Programme deadline to meet larger project funding needs.