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ReBalance scheme goes from strength to strength and announces ReBalance Sessions

Last year, Festival Republic together with PRS Foundation, announced the pioneering programme ReBalance which provides five days of recording time in Old Chapel studios to a UK based core female band, female musician or female solo artist each month in 2018, 2019 and 2020. As part of the recording time, a pool of high profile female producers works with the artists and the team at the studio which includes the recipient of our apprenticeship programme, Helen Collins. Within two-years of their studio residency, these successful acts will gain a slot at a Festival Republic or Live Nation Festival.

One year in and there’s been over 200 nominations across 3 rounds, 80+ nominators, and 10 finalists which include Æ MAK, Mary Miller, Projector, Lazy Day, Magick Mountain, Maya Kally, Tamzene, and The Van T’s.  Thanks to funding from PRS Foundation these artists have been matched with female producer mentors including Steph Marziano.

The latest ReBalance finalists include TrueMendous, intertwining the art of storytelling with ear clenching wordplay, alongside M T HALL who is one of the UK’s most exciting new producers and has stunned crowds with her infectious and high energy live techno sets.

ReBalance also partnered with The Music Managers Forum (MMF), Record of The Day (RotD) and Simkins LLP who will offer specialist support to all candidates.

Today, Festival Republic announces ReBalance Sessions that will take place over the next few months at London’s Old Blue Last, allowing free entry to see some of best emerging talent in the UK. The first session will take place on Monday 22nd October from 7pm with Æ MAK, Maya Kally, Mary Miller, and Tamzene, taking to the stage for an unforgettable showcase, and we invite you to come and see the next big names in music.

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Æ MAK said:

“The team at Festival Republic have been the kindest, soundest of people and have completely embodied the ethos behind the ReBalance programme, whole-heartedly helping us grow. One highlight of the last 6 months was recording over in Leeds with the wonderful Steph Marziano. Another was performing at The Sunrise Arena at this year’s Latitude. We’ll also be playing the Little Big Tent at Electric Picnic this month, all thanks to the wonderful folk at Festival Republic and PRS Foundation.”


Maya Kally said:

“So far my ReBalance experience has been motivating, enjoyable and extremely helpful. Although this opportunity has not yet come to an end, I have already received an extensive amount of guidance with learning how to work within the music industry. My week in the studio with Yvonne Ellis was great, managing to record five original songs, which will be released in February 2019.”


Lazy Day said:

“Being part of ReBalance allowed me to get into the studio and work in a way that I’ve never done before: properly focussed for a solid amount of time and away from the distractions of normal life. It was amazing to work with Steph Marziano, she took my songs to a whole different place. I’ve now got my next batch of new music, and I can’t wait for people to be able to hear it.”


Apprentice, Helen Collins said:

“It’s a brilliant way to get women into the music industry and being in the studio is the best environment to be in as I’m learning whilst networking with different people, even more so women now that ReBalance has started. I love seeing all the female led bands that come into the studio, they are amazing!”


2018 Programme Final Candidates


Aoife McCann, Daniel McIntyre, Dylan Povey, Peter Kelly
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Mary Miller
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Lucy, Edward, Demelza

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Lazy Day
Tilly, Beni, Jonny, Liam
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Maya Kally
Maya Kally, Lewis Downs, Kieran Halpin, Emil Karlsen
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The Van T’s
Chloe Van Thompson, Hannah Van Thompson, Joanne Forbes, Shaun Hood
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Magick Mountain


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