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Farao: Momentum

Farao: Momentum

Farao is the musical identity of singer, songwriter and musician Kari Jahnsen, and ‘Till It’s All Forgotten’, her debut album, arrives with the conviction of a threat and the grace of vengeance. It’s an artistic statement wrought with intense emotional and musical craft, marked by Jahnsen’s determination to conquer and to wrestle desperation from the still water of apathy.

Jahnsen creates songs of personal retribution with cathartic poise. Her wintry voice cuts through intricate compositions, navigating glacial rhythms and exquisite melodies with strength and vulnerability. Composed entirely by the multi-instrumentalist Jahnsen with unimpeded imagination, Farao’s music moves deftly between tension and ease. An array of tools – guitars, synths, organs, glockenspiel, sitar – dance at Jahnsen’s fingertips, interwoven with Farao’s many voices in wall-of-sound unison.

Jahnsen took to Iceland in Spring 2014 to record her first album, following the acclaimed self-titled EP of earlier that year. Working intuitively with producer Mike Lindsay (of London experimental band Tunng), Jahnsen was free to make bold artistic decisions without reservation. A studied musician, Jahnsen composed and performed all instruments except brass and drums on Till It’s All Forgotten’s ten songs, creating a suite of music that is otherworldly and entirely her own.

Distanced from the competitive energy of London, sprung into the perpetual daylight and creative community of Reykjavik, Farao conjured the beautiful, textured universe of Till It’s All Forgotten, with its masterful arrangements, boundless sonic atmosphere, and Jahnsen’s seductive lilt.

Momentum funds will be used to help support the marketing and promotion of Farao’s debut album ‘Till It’s All Forgotten’ including going towards the hiring of a promotions team, as well as print and online marketing and the making of a new video, to be launched around the release of the album in the Autumn.

Farao said:

The Momentum funding is a tremendous help for me as an artist who is just about to release my debut album. It’s a great scheme that really makes a difference for musicians who need a financial push to take their career to the next level – Kari Jahnsen.


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