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Spitalfields Music: The Open Fund for Organisations

New Music at Spitalfields Music Festival 2024

Spitalfields Music is committed to storytelling through music, by placing audiences and artists at the centre of its activities, and curating programmes for curious minds and ears, all presented in unique and unusual venues across East London. We’re unstuffy & prefer guerrilla-like activity to insert contemporary music into people’s lives on their terms, not ours. We’ve specialised in this for nearly 50 years, quietly working to forge new relationships between the arts & communities. We give performers and composers a safe space to dream, and to take artistic risks. After the devastating covid years, we are fast re-gaining a reputation as an instigator of new commissions; a champion of the often elusive second performance for new works; a strong collaborator for co-commissions with other festivals; a home for curious minds, both on- and off-stage; and a strong focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere to remove perceived barriers to new music.

Spitalfields Music Festival 2024 will bring together an amazing 8 new commissions/co-commissions with the support of the PRS Foundation and a number of partners around the UK. By enabling these commissions we provide the environment for composers to take risks and develop their audience through our annual Festival. The Festival will take place in venues across East London from 27 June-10 July 2024.

“After a successful Research and Development project at Snape Maltings, Me Without You is ready to be brought to its full potential. Spitalfields Music will be part of enabling this to happen by providing a performance opportunity for the work as well as co-commission costs, which will ensure I can bring this composition to fruition as well as showcasing my music to a potentially new audience in London. The opportunity to develop this work will mean the amazing chance to continue my relationship with director and writer, Mella Faye. As well as this, it gives me the unique opportunity to write for an ensemble which brings together nine other artists from varying artistic disciplines – actors, musicians, singers, dancers, lighting designer and film maker. This will all enable me to bring my work as a composer to the next level, leading to inspiring new work, connections and artistic relationships.” Emily Levy, July 2023







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